Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hannah Arendt, the movie, stand up comedy in Soho and at the Conservative Party Conference

Elena and I, now married and blissful, have settled back into London life in Barnes, down by dat ole man river Thames, -  he must know somethin', he don't say nothin' he jus' keep rollin' along.

We were amazed to see that someone has made a film about Hannah Arendt, the late great political theorist and one of my heroes from an early age, well, 18, since I read her brilliant book called ' On Revolution', which I recommend to all humans interested in the fate of the world.

The film was gripping, thought provoking, moving.

There was intelligent dialogue, witty conversation, the intimation of mature, affectionate and passionate love between men and women but a complete and refreshing absence of any explicit sex or violence.

It was, however, all about violence and evil, the evil represented by Adolf Eichmann and his role as the man in charge of deporting the victims of the Holocaust to the gas chambers.

If you want to witness courage and independence of mind, and you wish to be inspired by these qualities, please go and reward the producer and director and all involved in this brave and beautiful project. It's on in London now.

Last night, by way of a change, we went to see my best friend's son, Sean Cannon, play support in his new career as a stand -up comedian.

He had a good Edinburgh, and last night at the Soho Theatre he had five funny minutes in support of the main act, which we thought was so bad we shall refrain from mentioning his name in case it offends or we just weren't in the mood for his brand of comedy.

Go and see Sean Cannon. He has his own style, a blend of memoir, confessional and observation of the culture around us that leaves you feeling uplifted as well as amused, more of a proper meal than the chinese take-away that a lot of stand - up provides.

Talking of comedy, impossible not to laugh at the sight of David Cameron, our Prime Minister, trying to look and sound as if he has a dream, a vision for Britain that he feels passionate about. He's on the side of hard working people now, (because they will pay back the bankers' losses faster), so he's going to kick you if you haven't got a job, and that's going to make the country great again, full of hard working people, a land of opportunity for people who work hard enough to send their children to private schools, the sons and daughters from which run the country.
We have  Conservative aristocracy, a Labour aristocracy and a Liberal - Democrat aristocracy, and we get a choice every five years as to which set can have the time of their lives running the affairs of this wonderful country, its wonders being made by everyone here except that lot who pretend to be in charge.

Ah well, easy for us to criticise.......

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