Friday, 4 October 2013

Something good going down in Deptford, London SE, something to make you free

A wet and drizzly day in London town. The sun is tired and anaemic, its rays failing to push through the damp lid of pale plastic cloud that rests over our heads. We take so much for granted. We assume certain things are true but they turn out not to be. Life began in the depths of the earth, not in a warm chemical pond on its surface. Oil and gas are not the residue of rotting plants after all, but are mixed up in the geological furnace close to the centre of the earth. Not many people know these new things, and it will be hard for us to throw out the old ideas, but we must. If we don't know where we came from we can't get to where we are going.....ask old Oedipus about that one...., we decide to go down to Deptford, where the great jazz man, rapper, hip-hopper and freedom fighter has his jazz - rap - opera The Legend of Mike Smith running in The Albany Theatre.

Soweto Kinch 

Soweto Kinch is a brilliant rapper and a great saxophonist too, and his theme is that when we are free we are most truly human, and when most truly human we are creative and good - but to be free we need to be strong, because the seven deadly sins are snatching at our souls every day, ripping away our humanity and aiming to leave only the bestiality beneath, quivering ugly and twitching naked and salacious....all this insidious intent tucked away behind the logos, brands and advertising of the so called free market.

Tyrone Isaac-Stewart

But we can be free. We can let others be free. Let them sell their wares. We just have to know what's going on and where we came from and where we want to go........let's talk about it, sing about it, play jazz about it....this should be on the school curriculum.

Ricardo da Silva, Soweto Kinch, Tyrone Isaac-Stewart at the fabulous finish of the show

A long time ago, in Deptford,  Peter the Great lived, learning how to build ships for his Russian Navy. He was there because Henry the 8th built his Navy here. These men were great bastards, tyrants of the worse sort. And Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare's younger rival and admirer, was stabbed to death in 1593 in a pub here too. But now something good is going on down in Deptford. Get yourself down there to see it at The Albany Theatre.

And have a look at Deep Hot Biosphere (The myth of fossil fuels) by Thomas Gold. It will open your mind about where we came from.

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