Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kate Middleton about to birth an heir, a bad film, a bad and good culture, robot drones......

Only in London - A Sikh in an antique with female accessory photographing Elena photographing them!

The night air was warm enough to cook up a riot and we decided to take refuge in a film at The Coronet, on Notting Hill Gate. It was Tuesday, which is discount night, so we got in for seven pounds in total. It didn't matter what the film was, or so we thought, but it was so bad it did matter.
A film director should never bore the audience but Sophie Coppola managed to induce rigour mortice in us.
Superficial, over - privileged inarticulate American teenagers feeling sorry for themselves - not a pretty sight or sound. We were forced to listen to them speak: Cool, oh my God, check it out, I love it, like, so cool, shut the .........up bitch. And that's it, honestly, plus the names of their Gods, the brands of clothing they robbed the homes of celebrities for. Then we were forced to watch them break into one celebrity home after another and drool over the contents before they spirited them away in a cloud of cocaine and dope.

If there is hope for the world, it is not with these soft headed victims of consumer culture. Perhaps we should protect children from the dark arts of advertising and publicity? These kids didn't stand a chance against the endless bombardment of their empty heads and loveless hearts with brand propositions posing as a reliable route to the pursuit of happiness.

But America is not just a moronic inferno - Elon Musk, founder of PayPal and space entrepreneur is a dynamic refutation of everything the feckless and feral youth of this movie represent. He is determined to rescue the human species by making it possible to colonise Mars. He is already on the brink of supplying re-usable space rockets to get us there and has done what everybody thought was impossible by succeeding with private space travel.

The same culture encouraged both of these extremes. The worry is that Elon, or Steve Jobs and the other titans of computer code need this vast and vulnerable army of semi-conscious consumers to keep the system afloat while they prepare the rescue plan.

Meanwhile, the drone robots continue to practise as the policemen of the future in the skies of America. One of them went badly wrong yesterday, crashing as it landed in Florida. These are real robots. They are not flown by robotic humans from a basement somewhere. They fly themselves. and when they finally get the hang of it - watch out. The skies will be full of them, and some are bound to malfunction and missile you out. Game over.

Patriots patronise St Mary's Hospital as Kate labours to produce an heir. The Royals are allowed to spend more time in maternity wards than their subjects! A woman we spoke to wanted to know why Kate didn't go to her own hospital instead of filling up ours. Good point.

Back here in Britain, the nation is agog at the prospect of Kate Middleton's imminent birthing of an heir to the throne. It seems that most people though, want this unfortunate infant - you can't choose your parents - to get a proper job when it grows up.

This priceless image free from the internet. 

 Bad luck. Surely this marks the end of the line for the mystery that is monarchy. Behind all mystery and privilege lies mendacity and malfeasance. They don't want you to look in because if you do you'll find something unpleasant, like Prince Charles and his 'voluntary' tax contributions and non - payment of corporation tax on his 'Duchy Originals' - I don't like the sound of them myself. Organic underpants, no thanks!

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