Saturday, 25 January 2014

The language of London…….the babel of London

English is, of course, the official and essential language of London.

Many other languages are spoken, around seven hundred, but without english you are a prisoner of your past, unfree to roam and understand across the great metropolis that is made up of so many peoples from so many parts of the world, united by the english language.

Male London Home would like to introduce learners of english to our new service - Blabmate.

Our web site is being built now and will be ready in about five weeks time.

There learners will find hundreds of native english speakers. Using Skype or similar means, they will be able to strike a deal and pay them relatively small sums to practise the english they are learning at school, language schools, or from on-line courses or books and CD's.

These native english speakers will be students, happy to earn money in their spare time to help you by just having a conversation, helping you with pronunciation or word order. They won't be language teachers - they are for you to practise not to learn grammar, but of course some of them might speak another language or two, and you will be able to search for these on the site.

So, if you are learning english and would like to practise with a native english speaker, see our Facebook page and find out how to get  started.

Thank you!  

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