Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lying London Cops get off with a caution - so did Britain's greatest traitor.

Another disorientating day in lovely London town. Damp and mild with bright blue patches around the islands of creamy clouds. Last year, some policemen that guard the House of Commons were found to have fabricated evidence against a senior politician - indeed, one of them pretended to be a member of the public who had overheard the politician swearing at the police and calling them ' effing plebs'.

But all is well in ours the best of all possible police forces. The policemen were let off with a caution by their bosses. They did not intend to lie, concluded their bosses, merely to be misleading or ambivalent.
That's alright then.

Back in 1962, the bosses of MI6 realised that one of their senior spies, Kim Philby, who ran the anti - Soviet desk, was in fact working for the Soviet Union.
They decided to have a quiet word with him to ask him to desist.
If he agreed, he could retire with a pension. The only condition being that he must not do it any more. But he bolted for Moscow before this generous package could be unveiled to him. Talking of Moscow, Beria, Stalin's KGB boss must have wished he had worked over here. The Russians have a more robust approach to treachery, real or imagined. Ask alexander Litvinenko, or his widow anyway.

The link here is obvious. In the UK, the powerful, from wherever they draw their power or however high or low they are, are usually exempt from the sanctions that underpin the legal system for the rest of us.

We are with John Lennon : just give us some truth

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