Saturday, 1 September 2012

Is Mitt Romney Dangerous?

Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at The Republican Party Convention is a classic of schmultz and tough talk : God, religion, prayer and family mingle with true grit talk about business and the way Americans' just don't give up because they're the inheritors of the pioneering spirit that built the greatest nation on the face of the earth.
Mitt loves the way his running mate Paul Ryan 'lights up around his kids.( a cigarette? ) And Paul loves his Mom.' Gee, that makes him real special. Of course loving his Mum doesn't stop him being tough too. Oh no, he's as hard as nails too. And so on.In America, everyone prays for everything. God is obviously not listening anymore, because Mitt says Americans are poor now and he wants to make them rich. He doesn't want to save the planet though. Just your family. He doesn't really care about the planet.
It's a fascinating and witless illustration of national false narrative theory. Every nation has a one sided history in its foreground - we Brits managed to leave out slavery in the glossy history we presented at the Olympic opening ceremony. Mitt raised the memory of the Pilgrim Fathers and the covered wagons on their way west, but left out slavery and the genocide of the native Americans and the invasion of Mexico. According to Mitt, America has freed people from dictators, but not overthrown democracies and imposed them.
History is obviously not his strong point.America, according to Mitt is a country that had freedom codified in its Constitution, which startlingly ignores the fact that the Founding Fathers were slave owners them selves.
But what's new, I hear you say, what has this to do with Russia and Britain and the peace of the world?
The answer is that Mitt wants America to get tough.
I have not noticed it getting soft, and I'm sure that Osama Bin Laden hadn't either, or the many victims of Obama's Drone campaign of assassination in Pakistan haven't either.Especially the innocent bystanders.
So Mitt wants to get even tougher than Obama, who according to Mitt is soft. So soft that he has 'thrown Isreal under a bus'! I kid you not, these were his actual words!
Hear is your answer : Mitt is deluded. He does not see the lie of the land. He claims that freedom equals peace and America is free. Is the nation with so many gun shot murders a peaceful nation? Americans are free to buy assault rifles in the mall - does this make them peaceful? Oh Columbine High School, you are forgotten!
Mitt wants to get tough with Mr Putin. And Mr Putin probably can't wait to get tough with Mr Romney.
These two pugilists squaring up to each other is not something any of us should look forward to. Is there a referee out there that can declare this coming bout illegal?

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